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Your career goals are always greener on the other side of the Pickett fence!  

Pickett Career Consulting focuses on helping clients reach their professional dreams. Our mission is simple – to serve as the bridge between a candidate and their career ambitions. For many, this feels like an impossible task. The job-search process can be daunting. With unemployment at an all-time high across the nation, the hiring process can be quite intimidating. Candidates must work diligently to ensure that their resumes stand out from the crowd. They must ensure that their cover letters accurately portray who they are, what they’ve done, and their future potential. They must strive for interview skills that truly showcase their knowledge, skills, and personality. And they must ensure that their online brand is pleasing to any potential employer. When you put all of this on the table, career goal achievement can seem overwhelming - but don’t worry! Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for your success. We provide a myriad of services that will assist you with your professional goals. Pickett Career Consulting is here to walk with you, every single step of the way!  

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