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The purpose of a job interview is to determine if an applicant is qualified for a desired opportunity. While the opportunity may vary (job, scholarship, college admission, etc.), the preparation process is the same! Don't go to your next interview unprepared! Let Pickett Career Consulting walk you through the process, to ensure that you ace your experience!  To get started, please click on the link below to fill out the request form. Topics of discussion for review include:

1.)  Types of job interview formats

2.)  Conducting interview preparation and research

3.)  Making a strong and effective first impression

4.)  Identifying the proper attire for the interview

5.)  Acing interview questions with practice sessions

6.)  Mastering behavior-based interview scenario questions

7.)  Developing appropriate questions for the employer

8.)  Do's and Don'ts, after the interview ends

9.)  Negotiating your salary offer

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