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It is critical that you understand how to market yourself, in 30 seconds or less! Resumes are crucial because they showcase your experience and potential to future employers. Let us help you, whether you're editing an old resume or crafting an entirely new document! No matter the resume style (general resume, executive resume, federal resume, or a curriculum vitae), we're here to help!


Checking Text on a Document

Many people question the relevance of cover letters. While your resume answers the question, "What has he accomplished in the past?," the cover letter answers the vital question, "Why are his past experiences relevant for this new position?" Let us help you carefully craft your employment essay, as we highlight your past, showcase your present, and discuss the future! As you move up within your professional career, more employers will ask for a cover letter. Let a professional ensure that your cover letter showcases you in the brightest light! 


Job Interview

Most employers know, within the first 90 seconds of meeting you, whether or not they want to hire you. Your first impression is critical. In order to ace the interview, you must master the format (phone, online, dining, or in-person), and you must ensure that you provide the best first-impression (how you greet the employer, how you answer questions, your attire, non-verbal cues, your follow-up procedure, etc.). Whether you're engaging in an interview for an internship, fellowship, scholarship, full-time employment opportunity, or more, we're here to help! Through our 60-minute online and/or in-person consultation sessions, we will ensure that you're ready to ace the process!


Giving a Presentation

We specialize in creating customized professional development workshops that educate participants on best practices for career success. No matter the size of the audience, we will ensure that we facilitate a fun, engaging, and targeted presentation that promotes professional success! We offer almost a dozen different workshops to fit your needs. Let Pickett Career Consulting facilitate your next workshop!


College Campus

Personal statements can serve as vital additions to your application packet, as you seek admission to higher education, or access to scholarship foundations. You should never rush these documents, or wait until the last minute to craft them. Do you need help organizing your essay? Would you like a professional to edit your personal statement? We understand the heavy financial burden of higher education - and we are here to help you every step of the way, as you craft essays that truly highlight your academic history, co-curricular experiences, work history, skills, and potential for the future! We want the committee to review your document, and respond with one word - "Wow!" Let Pickett Career Consulting edit your personal statements and essays!

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