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Reviews: Testimonials

"If you are seeking employment and need consultation, please enlist the services of Craig Pickett. Craig revised my outdated resume and turned it into a tool that will aid me in my job search because it will open doors. Craig also takes time to provide valuable tips that aid with your resume and job search!"

Tasha Herrell

Operations & Special Events Assistant, Project GRAD

"Craig is an amazing asset and leader within our community. He is a member of the Girl Talk, Inc. Board of Directors, and actively volunteers his time and expertise by working with our organization's staff and the high school junior and senior girls enrolled in the Girl Talk Life Prep Academy. As part of our 2019-2020 Girl Talk Life Prep Academy curriculum, Craig facilitated sessions with our girls focused on ways to job search, apply for a job, build a resume, ace an interview, and negotiate a salary. The feedback we received from our girls about the sessions was VERY positive and we can't wait to have him back again soon!"

Denetria Moore

Founder and Executive Director, Girl Talk, Inc. 

"I sought out Craig because I was applying to graduate school (law school) and I wanted to make a great impression. Mr. Pickett went above and beyond to create a clean, coherent, and compelling resume. Not only did I use it to get into graduate school, I still use much of the verbiage and formatting when submitting my resume for jobs today! I didn’t know how desperate I was in need of a resume revamp but I’m thankful for their keen eye and expertise!"

Ashley Michelle Williams

Attorney, Washington, D.C.

"Craig Pickett is the truth.  He is a professional with years of experience in career coaching.  His expertise in the field of resume writing and interview preparation is bar none.  He provided these skills within our ministry, for job seekers, helping to secure jobs for many."

Kimberly Watkins

Executive Pastor, Overcoming Believers Church

"I have had the opportunity to have Craig Pickett speak to my high school students about career planning, and I have never seen the kids so engaged! The skills and insight that Craig possesses is profound, and I definitely will be extending many opportunities in the future. Craig is a true professionals.”

Orlanda Wells

Calling and Career Coach, Emerald Youth Foundation

"I have had the pleasure of working with Craig in numerous capacities, both personal and professional.  He has assisted me in tweaking and editing my own cover letters and resume, while providing that same service to some of the students I work with.  Craig has extensive knowledge from years of working in the collegiate sector, and he has shared that knowledge many times, providing my students with tips and tricks that will increase their chances of success as they transition through high school and into college.  He is a fountain of information, and he pours of himself often, always available to impact the lives of the future generation in any way he can.  I’m so appreciative of his wisdom, but I am even more grateful for his servant’s heart."

Janea Peterson

Director of Education and Youth Services, Knoxville Area Urban League

"Mr. Pickett helped me with my overall education in jobs. What I learned I wouldn’t have learned in school. With his help I secured a volunteer position at a hospital and a possible job at a local law firm."

Teagan Stanford

High School Student, Knox County Schools

"Craig has been my go to for consultation regarding every step in my career over the years. He has helped me create resumes, answer employment surveys, and guided me in many major decisions regarding my career. Craig has helped me refine my skill set to position myself at the top of my career field."

Kenneth Moore

Director of Church Ministries, Hope Fellowship Church

"I had worked for the same company for many years. When I decided to change professions, I struggled with how to formulate a cover letter and resume effectively. Therefore I sought assistance from Craig Pickett. He was kind, encouraging and very easy to work with. The very first company I submitted my revised cover letter and resume, called me for an interview! Craig is amazing!"

Karen Swint

Administrative Coordinator, Overcoming Believers Church

"Craig assisted me with my cover letter and resume and I truly enjoyed my experience. He is extremely grifted with words and he also challenges you as you helps. If you are looking for someone to turn you resume into a golden ticket Craig is the one to do it!!!"

Markies Jordan

Armed Security, Shield and Buckler

"Mr. Pickett provided me with impeccable service. He is truly a man of integrity. I recommend his services to anyone that’s looking for quality service."

Stan Carter

Resource Coordinator, OMNI Visions

"Craig Pickett, thank you, so very much, for the help you gave me in fixing up my resume. I received immediate response for an interview and don’t think that could have been if it wasn’t for your invented words. You are very talented in your work and I thank you for helping me."

Jasmine Siler

College/Career Success Assistant Coach, Project GRAD Knoxville

"Mr. Pickett is the main reason I have been able to accomplish and consider when picking the right college for me. He has mentored me from the very beginning of the search and helped me make the decision not to attend community college. That one decision ended up with me getting a full ride the the University of Tennessee and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that if I went to community college."

Caziah Rockett

College Student, The University of Tennessee 

"Craig Pickett is one of the most professional advisor I have ever dealt with. Any time a person is dealing with personal finances and career decisions, being able to trust the person advising you is critical. I could not ask for a more honest or genuine individual than Craig Pickett. He dealt with every aspect of my situation, even teaching me details that I had no idea of. He went the extra mile for me and I recommend utilizing the detail and professionalism that is found in Craig Pickett."

Jeremy Ruby

Superintendent, Tennessee Associated Electric, Inc. 

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